Website Accessibility Badge & Policy

The Accessibility Badge & Policy will transparently express the intentions of making your website accessible to users.

What Is A Website Accessibility Policy?

This page on your website will transparently express the intentions of making your website accessible to users.

It will lay out how accessible your website is intended to be as well as what guidelines you use to do so. Additionally, this page will provide areas for the user to go if they have any issues on accessing content on your website or would like to provide feedback. This allows them to directly contact your business if they have difficulty navigating areas of your website.

Why Should I have An Accessibility Policy?

Getting an accessibility policy is good for business because it tells your website visitors that you have taken the time to provide an accessible website.

If plaintiffs attorneys are searching for their next “victim”, this will make them think twice. The accessibility policy will notify them that you will or already have addressed accessibility issues on your website, thus they will have no cause of action to sue you for.

As a global leader in website accessibility, we understand the power that comes with being accessible.

Website Accessibility Badge and Policy.

What Is A Website Accessibility Badge & Why Should I Have One?

After you take the time to become accessible you want people to know this by providing a website accessibility policy and badge.

This can be put anywhere you would like on your website. This is a visual representation which would link to your accessibility policy clickable for users, like the one in our footer and on this page. We have noticed that this is not, only good for business but also deters plaintiffs attorneys from looking deeper into your website when looking for the next business they want to sue.


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