Why Us

Most Importantly, We Give Back!

We are in business because we want to provide greater website access for those with disabilities.

Protecting You And Your Business

We want to protect businesses from future lawsuits and get their company in front of more customers.

We are committed and we hope you are too. A percentage of everything we make is donated to citizens around the world with disabilities. Help us help them by letting us help you!

Atlas Accessibility

Our mission is to provide disabled internet users with greater accessibility to businesses while reducing those same businesses vulnerability to lawsuits.

Website accessibility is something that is here to stay. For business owners, it’s now just something they have to face. As our lives become more dependent on technology, accessibility becomes an even greater issue. Add in an aging population in the United States and what you get is accessibility rights becoming more relevant each and every day as we move into the future. Some businesses try to make things complicated for you in order to confuse you but here you really have two choices. You can take proactive measures and provide proper access to users of your website or you can do nothing.

Take Proactive Measures

Getting in front of more customers and reducing your risk to lawsuits filed against your company for discrimination against disabled internet users are two good reasons to take action today.

This allows your businesses the time it needs to fix accessibility issues with the current website and put an accessibility policy in place. What you will need to do this, is the proper advice and consulting which is where we come in. We can perform a multi-step approach audit, using software and using real users to determine what your business needs to become more accessible. We can then, advise your tech team or simply provide solutions through our developers. This is a small tweak that could potentially grow your leads by 20%. No matter what industry you are in, you could probably benefit from greater accessibility. Your competition might not have an accessible website so you taking action would greatly set you apart from them while showing your commitment to accessibility rights.

Checking website for accessibility and ADA compliance.
ADA gives hope and privilege to people with disabilities.

Avoid The Risk Of Lawsuits

19% of the United States live with some sort of disability and this number is increasing as the baby boomer start getting older.

If you don’t do anything about the accessibility of your website, you could potentially be missing out on 1/5 of the market. By not acting, you will also be at risk of lawsuits. There has been a drastic increase in the amount of litigation in the past few months alone. As we know, once the plaintiff’s attorneys find a vulnerability of a business, they really like to exploit it, and that’s exactly what is happening here. If you want to take chances with lawsuits and not get in front of all the possible potential customers you can, we have the strategy for you, and guess what its free; Do Nothing!

Do You have An Accessibility Badge And Policy?

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