Accessibility Audit

Understand the accessibility of your website by having an audit performed.


Website Accessibility

Establish what level of compliance is best for your website and business. 


Technical Compliance

We provide technical solutions to ensure internet users with disabilities can access your website.

We are Global Leaders in Website Accessibility Solutions

Our mission is to provide disabled internet users with greater accessibility to businesses while reducing those same businesses vulnerability to lawsuits.

Americans Living With Disabilities

Living with disabilities

(19% of U.S.)

Cognitive, Mental or Emotional Impairment

(5.2% of U.S.)

Vision Impairment

(2.8% of U.S.)

Hearing Impairment

(2.5% of U.S.)


of people with disabilities use computers today.


of working age adults could benefit from accessibility technology.


of computer users could benefit from accessible technology.

Annual disposable income of disability market = $544 Billion. If you include their families & friends, this adds an additional $3.9 Trillion.

What You Need To Get Started With Accessibility

Disabled internet user using a website that abides by website accessibility compliance guidelines.

Website Accessibility Audit

Get a detailed report outlining vulnerable accessibility issues on your website in order to understand and establish what level of compliance is best for your business. 

policy icon image

Accessibility Policy

Indicate how accessible your website is and what guidelines you use to determine this. Tell visitors of your website where they can go if they can't access or are having difficulty accessing content on your site. 

Handicapped symbol inside a website accessibility badge which leads to Atlas Accessibilities website policy.

Accessibility Badge

An accessibility badge visibly located in your footer indicating you have an accessibility plan in place. This will also deter plaintiffs from filing suit against you as the badge will notify them you are aware and taking measure to get your website accessible.

"We believe very deeply that accessibility is a human right."


- Tim Cook, CEO Apple

Custom Solutions

Accessibility consists of multiple different variables which ultimately decide whether users with disabilities can or cannot access your website's content. With a balanced approach of your needs and the cost associated with getting up to speed regarding accessibility, we provide transparent solutions for your business.

Two people in organizing a layout on a large screen which represents website accessibility design.


User-focused designs that work for all website visitors.
Computer with eyeball, handicapped symbol, and brain in-between code representing website accessibility development.


We make the necessary design demands or advise your team how to.
Disabled internet user using a website that abides by website accessibility compliance guidelines.


Get Section 508, ADA, ACAA, AODA, & COAA right the first time with our proven solutions.

Identify how accessible your website is by getting an audit performed.

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