Website Accessibility For Healthcare Providers

Whether scheduling a checkup online or checking test results online, technology continues to become an integral part of the way we keep up with our health.

Online Healthcare

With virtual primary care providers becoming more and more prominent, access to online healthcare is vital for all people. If an individual cannot access healthcare information online because they are disabled, that doctors office or hospital is failing to meet basic accessibility requirements.

Provide Adequate Care

Not only is your business providing insufficient care to your patients but also leaving your business susceptible to litigation for providing inadequate care. 

Many doctors offices and hospitals will at one stage receive a demand letter from a plaintiff’s attorney who feel their website and programs are inaccessible to disabled individuals. While it might be hard to envisage how to solve this issue, you do need to act upon it. If you receive a demand letter, it might be to claim that your organization is in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). That’s a serious allegation.

Since a website can be considered a place of public accommodation, you need to achieve the levels and standards expected. If you would like to know more of the kind of changes that you may need to make, then the DOJ often refers to the World Wide Web Consortium’ Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

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